Why Little Angel Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Little Angel is proud of their Greek extra virgin olive oil, their Greek olive oil soaps, their premium Kalamata olives, and their beautiful olive wood products.

At Little Angel, we take great pride in the quality and care put into the creation and processing of all our Greek extra virgin olive oil and olive-related products. We know that adding this care and dedication is what makes the difference to our guests and it is why they become loyal members of the Little Angel family. Little Angel was born out of love for Greece, Mediterranean cuisine, great olive oil, luxurious olive oil soap, flavorful Kalamata olives, beautiful olive wood, and a desire to serve.

We believe our Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Greek traditional olive oil soaps, our premium Kalamata olives, and our hand-crafted olive wood kitchen products for your home and table reflect our passion and dedication to our customers.

We love being on the lookout for new extra virgin olive oil uses and we post them as we find them. There are way more than 49 reasons to love Greece so it will be easy for you to join in the fun! It is our hope that you will enjoy learning more about the care and dedication in the processes behind the Little Angel family of products!




Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® is produced with state-of-the-art techniques and processes to insure the quality of the olive oil is the highest possible. Our Little Angel olive oil is 100% a product of Greece.

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 Our pure olive oil soaps are made entirely by hand in partnership with the Patounis family of soap makers in Corfu, Greece using traditional methods handed down for more than 4 generations of craftsmen and artisans.

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 Our olives are the finest PDO Kalamata variety and are vacuum packed in traditional brine to ensure their flavor and quality. This quality and variety represents less than 15% of the total olive production in the region.

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 Our olive wood products come from the Greek island of Paros in the famous Cyclades region and are made from select olive woods using traditional handcrafted methods to insure their beauty, utility, durability, and life.

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