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Let’s Talk Olive Oil Soap

Enjoy Little Angel traditional olive oil soaps!

Enjoy all three varieties of Little Angel/Patounis all-traditional olive oil soap!I can’t say I ever expected to find olive oil soap – or any soap for that matter – interesting enough to actually write about, let alone expect anyone else to find it interesting enough to read it. Yet, here we are talking about soap!

It wasn’t until I experienced olive oil soap that I began to understand the importance of soap. I mean, I always knew it was important. Mom always reminded me to remember to use soap and I found I had more success engaging other people after using it but I never understood how important the ingredients used in the soap actually were. In researching the perfect olive oil soap to bear the Little Angel brand, I began to realize that what it’s made of and how it’s made make all the difference in the world.

Little Angel/Patounis pure olive oil soaps are made in Corfu, Greece at the Patounis soap factory using traditional techniques for making all natural bar soap that have been in place for over a century. Since 1891, to be exact. The processes used in manufacturing our 100% Greek olive oil soaps may be ancient, but they seem to resonate in our modern world of artificial colors and chemically-engineered ingredients. Little Angel/Patounis Greek olive oil soaps are all natural using only the purest Greek olive oils.

Synthetic detergents (washing powder, shampoo, liquid soap etc), developed in the modern age, certainly offer practicality and create good impressions, as well as being cheaper and easier to manufacture. As a result, the long-standing, traditional approach to soap making – the quality of which depended not only on the maker’s skill, but also on the suitability of the oil used to make it – fell by the wayside when the more modern, mass-produced techniques took hold.

However, an important factor was overlooked: the negative long term effects of all the new chemical ingredients on our quality of life and on our environment. Today, we know that many of these chemicals are harmful and educated consumers are increasingly looking for pure and natural cleansing products. To meet this need the existing traditional soap manufacturing process, like that used in Little Angel/Patounis olive oil soaps is able to respond by offering a pure soap made of selected natural olive and palm oils. It has been long accepted that olive oil soap is the most suitable skin cleanser since it clears the skin’s pores by effectively removing dirt, oily substances and dead cells with harmful chemicals or additives.

We offer our 100% Greek all-natural olive oil soaps in three varieties: our traditional pure olive oil soap, our all-natural green olive oil soap, and our luxurious olive/palm soap. Each of these varieties serves a specific purpose in your daily cleaning regimen and no home should be without them.

Our Little Angel/Patounis Olive Oil Soap is made totally of pure virgin olive oil. It has moderate lathering capacity and is distinguished for its mild, yet thorough, cleansing action. It is ideal for cleansing the face, for infants, and for all levels of sensitive skin. We use it everyday at the sink and in the shower. It is the perfect choice for an all-around, all-natural cleansing soap.

For tougher cleaning jobs (like my hands after a morning in the garden), we offer Little Angel/Patounis Green Olive Soap. Made using the same all-natural ingredients and traditional methods, our green olive soap is made with olive pomace oil which is extracted from the skin and pit of the olives (after the extraction of olive oil). These extracts from the skin of the olives, include the olive’s chlorophyll. Therefore, the soap is green when is fresh, hence its name. However, the color fades on the outer layer as soap dries and matures. Green olive soap is reputed for its thorough cleansing, while being friendly to the skin.

Finally, our Little Angel/Patounis Olive Palm Soap is made of pure virgin olive oil (82%) and palm kernel oil (18%). It is a gentle soap with a smooth lather, making it pleasant to use. We have one customer who swears by it for shaving. He told us he has thrown away his shaving cream and uses only Little Angel olive palm soap. Who knew?

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, we are very proud of our all-natural, 100% Greek, pure Little Angel/Patounis olive oil soaps. We hope you will try and enjoy all three varieties and tell your friends about them. All natural soap is a great way to make a positive and healthful change in your life. We think you will be pleasantly surprised and may even find yourself talking to others about soap of all things.

Try our Little Angel/Patounis olive oil soaps now!

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