Olive Wood Wine Holder – One Bottle- Flat Style

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The rich, aromatic taste of your favorite wine and the warmth of olive wood will seem to contradict the elegant simplicity in the curve of this beautiful wine holder, producing the most delicate balance. With it’s clean lines, this beautiful addition to your wine service is perfect for both you and your guests. This beautiful piece of craftsmanship is a truly a work of art.

Display your favorite red or white wine in an elegant manner on your dinner table. Complete this ensemble with an olive wood bowl or antipasti presented on a Little Angel olive wood serving board.

Little Angel olive wood single bottle holder has a velvety texture which makes touching it almost irresistible.


This Little Angel olive wood single bottle holder is curved with a gentle upturned arc.
Approximate dimensions: 10.12″ x 2.25″

Made from 100% sustainable olive wood
Food grade and anti-microbial
Each one unique

Sold each.

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