Olive Wood Mortar and Pestle 4.75″

$32.99 plus tax and shipping

Grinding or crushing your garlic, herbs, spices and seasonings in this beautifully grained mortar will be satisfying in this Little Angel olive wood mortar and pestle set. Oil, vinegar and lemon juice can be added immediately. Use it also for mixing curry paste, pesto and other sauces.

Little Angel olive wood mortar and pestle sets not only showcase the natural beauty of the elegant wood, they are also made to last. Olive wood is exceptionally hard and durable, close-grained and has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties and it will not absorb any unpleasant food smells.

The centuries-old habit of grinding is still considered the best method of releasing the aromatic flavors of fresh herbs and spices.


This piece of artisan craftsmanship from Paros Island will look terrific in your kitchen for years to come.
Approximate dimensions: 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 3.0″

Made from 100% sustainable olive wood
Food grade and anti-microbial
Each one unique

Sold as a set.

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