Little Angel’s “Poseidon” Gift Collection

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Bring a gift of harmony, friendship, congratulations, or appreciation with the Poseidon Gift Box from the Little Angel gift collection!
This gift collection is perfect for any occasion. The Poseidon collection contains the popular products from Little Angel and it is priced to save you money. Use the Poseidon gift collection for the holidays, special occasion throughout the year, or just to say thank you. A Little Angel olive oil gift is the perfect way to deliver any sentiment!
Poseidon was the god of the sea and the protector of all waters. Sailors relied on Poseidon for their safe passage. He lived on the ocean floor in a palace made of gems and coral. Both Poseidon and Athena competed for possession of the city of Athens.  To sway the people in his favor, Poseidon made it spring at the Acropolis. Athena, on the other hand, gave them the olive tree. With it, she won the contest. In his honor, we have created a gift collection that focuses on the strength and replenishment received from a healthy lifestyle with Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil®.
In this collection, we have included two 250 ml bottles of our award-winning Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil®, a 250 gr package of our hand-picked Premium Kalamata Olives,two of our all natural Little Angel/Patounis olive oil soaps – our traditional olive oil soap, and our traditional green olive soap, and three popular selections from our handcrafted Little Angel olive wood collection – a stylish olive wood soap bar holder (to show off your Little Angel olive oil soaps), a traditionally handcrafted olive wood bowl, and two each of our exquisite  olive wood olive picks!
Best of all, you save money while enjoying all of these great Little Angel products.
  • (2) 250 ml bottles of Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil®
  • (1) 250 gr package of Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives
  • (1) olive wood soap bar holder
  • (2) Little Angel/Patounis soaps: traditional olive oil soap, green olive soap
  • (1) olive wood olive wood 5’5’’ bowl
  • (2) each olive wood olive picks – regular and mini

Bring the gift of replenishment and health, the beauty of olive wood, and the great taste of Little Angel to your home with the Poseidon gift collection from Little Angel!

So, enjoy!