Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives

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Little Angel Greek Premium Kalamata Olives come from olive groves located in the world famous Kalamata region in Messinia, Greece. Many believe the taste of Kalamata olives is superlative to other olive varieties and they are celebrated throughout the world for their robust flavor, their rich antioxidants, and their unique appearance. Kalamata olives are one of the most famous of all Greek food products!

These beautiful, almond-shaped, plump, dark olives are sun-ripened, carefully picked, and then shipped to our our processing facility in Kozani, Greece where they are soaked in a light brine and vacuum packed to maintain maximum shelf-life, flavor, and freshness. The care and attention put into getting our Premium Kalamata olives to your table is evident in the firm, even texture of the olive fruit, and in its wonderfully rich and zesty flavor. Our olives come whole because part of the robust flavor of the olive is lost during the mechanical pitting process.

Our olives have a truly exceptional flavor! They are a 100% Greek product that is natural and free of all artificial preservatives. They bear the seal of the European Union’s Protected Destination of Origin which insures you are enjoying real Kalamata olives.

Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives will stay fresh after opening in your refrigerator, if stored in a light brine or – our favorite – a flavorful marinade of olive oil, fresh lemon, and vinegar, thus retaining their magnificent taste and healthful nutritional value. We even put the recipe for our marinade right on the package along with many other Kalamata olive recipes from Little Angel!

These olives are vacuum sealed whole (intact without pitting) in 250 gram packages.

Sold each.

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