Little Angel Olive Oil Soap

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Little Angel/Patounis Pure Greek Olive Oil Soap is made totally of pure virgin olive oil. It has limited lathering capacity but is distinguished for its mild action. It is ideal for cleansing the face, infants and sensitive skin.

We make all Little Angel/Patounis soap using only the basic raw material of traditional soap manufacture with no additives. That is: natural oils, natrium hydroxide, natural sea salt and water.

Our manufacturing partner is Patounis Soap, a family business in Corfu, Greece, who makes pure traditional soap from locally produced olive products using ancestral recipes and practices that have been passed on from father to son for five successive generations. Little Angel/Patounis soap has been tested and approved by consumers for over a century, providing the best kind of quality assurance — from our customers.

The Patounis factory, preserved with the functioning tools and equipment dating from 1891, constitutes a living memory of a unique local tradition.

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