Little Angel EVOO 250ml

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Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® comes from centuries old olive groves located on the sunbathed mountains and hills of Gargalianoi, in the western part of Messinia on the Ionian sea and in the heart of Greek olive oil production.

Our olive fruit is harvested by hand and is sent directly to state-of-the-art mill facilities for immediate cold pressing. Low temperatures are constantly and vigilantly maintained to preserve the traditional flavor and quality of Little Angel olive oil. Following this, it is transported in specially designed stainless tanks filled with nitrogen to our bottling facilities in Athens.

This extra virgin olive oil has a peppery flavor along with the appropriate amount of fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency associated with the true authentic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of which the origin is certified by European Union Authorities.

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are ever used in our growing process and all our oil must pass rigorous organoleptic and sensory testing before it bears the Little Angel label.

Packaged in the kitchen size 250ml bottle.

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