Olive Oil Salads and Sides


Salads and Side Dishes with Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil®
We use Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® in all of our favorite dishes every single day. Many of these amazing salads and side dishes have been taste-tested in our own home and we think you’ll please your family and guests with any one of these healthy and flavorful ways to complement your meal. Cooking with olive oil is both healthy and flavorful. Olive oil recipes incorporated into a Mediterranean diet has been shown to reduce the risk of a variety of unhealthy conditions. One of our favorite salads is Horiatiki – the true and only Greek salad! We literally have it on the table for every meal and if you need salads for a crowd you need look no further. Actually, we love all of our salads and side dishes using Little Angel olive oil because we have tried every one of them many times and we promise you’ll think they are the best olive oil recipes ever! These delicious recipes make easy side dish recipes for dinner — where beautiful olive oil, like Little Angel, does its best work by setting the stage for your main dish. And, don’t forget to try our olive oil salad dressing recipes for the perfect zest in your favorite salad. We always love to hear from you so send us your creation and we’ll show it off to our Little Angel family of friends.

So… Enjoy!

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