Our Passion

The beauty of the oil from a ripe olive drupe ready to harvest displays our passion for olive oil.Our passion for olive oil

Food is the essence of life and it becomes truly great and life-giving when it is both healthy and flavorful. Unlike many other cultural cuisines, in the Greek way of life, health and taste serve to complement each other. It is the Greek tradition to consume natural, fresh and wholesome foods. We constantly strive for our Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be thought of as something universal, a secret ingredient that could be added to any recipe that awakens the true flavors our the foods in any dish! In our home, we add our olive oil to just about everything: breakfast, pasta, salads, and soups – everything! We eat it every single day. Come join us in our passion for olive oil.

Our passion for olive oil is a passion held by all Greeks and it is truly what drives us at Little Angel to bring our passion to your table.

Come join us in our passion for Greece and being Greek. Just say " I love being Greek!"Our passion for Greece

Throughout history, Greeks have grown up with amazing aromas and flavors from the kitchen and garden. Who can forget the texture of extra virgin olive oil on freshly baked bread, on handmade feta cheese, on traditional Greek salads and dishes? Greeks are taught from early childhood to understand, respect and appreciate the value of fresh ingredients and traditional cooking. And, they believe in the pageantry of a meal. They take their time to enjoy the aromas, the flavors and, most important, the family and friends that share the experience. At Little Angel, we are all about being Greek and are proud of our passion for Greece! Through our olive oil and our selection of Greek olive oil-related products, we hope to share this passion with all of our customers throughout the world. Come share our passion for Greece. Anyone can be Greek – just decide that you are. Just say “I love being Greek!

Our passion for serving and for doing business honestly
One of the foundations upon which Little Angel was formed was to serve Christian communities and endeavors throughout the world. We also believe that to do this effectively, we must strive to treat our customers, suppliers, and vendors with respect and honesty. We are proud of our passion for olive oil, our passion for Greece, and for being Greek! We subscribe to the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said “The purpose of life is not simply to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

This is both our passion and our promise. We love being Greek!