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The old and wise looking olive tree.The wood of the magnificent olive tree is a hard, and particularly dense and moisture-resistant substance with luxuriously warm colors, a very high oil content and an infinite number of distinctive grain patterns. Cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years, an individual olive tree can live for hundreds of years. It is not uncommon to find large, gnarled and humpbacked specimens that are more than a thousand years old. These trees just seems to look wise when you study them. If only they could talk!

A single olive tree produces its life-giving fruits and oils only after many years of cultivation, but remains productive for at least a century. To increase the yield, the tree is consistently rejuvenated by an annual branch cut. The olive wood used to make all the fine Little Angel olive wood products comes from these types of cuts.

If you are like us, you are looking for a change from today’s consumption and throw-away mentality toward living more consciously and more sustainably. We want things in our life to have a story. Paros island. The home of Little Angel olive wood.Little Angel olive wood products tell a story of many hot summers near Paros Island, Greece where our wood is grown (not too far from our two favorite Greek island – Santorini and Mykonos). You can smell the delicious aroma of the olives and feel a continuity with the passage of the centuries. A single olive tree has seen the transition from chariots and donkey carts to jet aircraft and space travel. Through all this, the miracle of the olive tree is that it has not changed.

Nastural olive wood ready to be made into Little Angel olive wood for your home.When you feel the silky surface of each handcrafted Little Angel olive wood product, see its warm colors and its lively veins, or when you consider the simple, tried and tested designs of mortars, wooden spoons or bowls you will understand. Little Angel olive wood is the way we connect with previous generations and we invite you to join us in this celebration.

Beautiful olive wood products.

Whether you need a cutting board, a pepper mill, some salad bowls, candle holders, or one of our kitchen utensil sets, Little Angel olive wood products are not only beautiful to look at and elegant to touch, but they have also will last for decades. The wood of the olive tree is extremely resistant to moisture and acids, has antibacterial properties and is resistant to mildew. It absorbs hardly any odors or stains and is extremely hard and abrasion-resistant. These properties make olive wood ideal for everyday use in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.

Little Angel olive wood and olive oil. A perfect combination!We hope you will enjoy shopping for olive wood products at Little Angel. They have a soul of their own and they will bring joy to your home.

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