The beauty of Greece is one of the passions for us at Little Angel!We have a passion for Greece and, above all, for Greek olive oil. Our company began with a desire to serve our country, our community, and the church. We quickly realized that, while there was a great deal of olive oils available, there was but a small selection of high-quality extra virgin Greek olive oils in the U.S. market.

Add to that, there was a clear need in the church and youth group communities for high quality products to offer as a fundraising vehicle. So, Little Angel was born out of love for Greece, Mediterranean culture and cuisine, Greek olive oil, and a desire to serve.

Our goal is to bring one of the highest quality Greek extra virgin olive oils to our customers while serving as a resource to educate consumers on the benefits of using Greek olive oil in their diet. We think the magnificent health benefits gained from incorporating a high quality olive oil into a healthy lifestyle are nothing short of extraordinary!




A celebration of the long standing and rich tradition of Greek olive oil, ours is a Greek company using only raw materials, packaging, and finished goods from Greece whenever and wherever possible.




Using honesty and Christian values as our foundation, we will always strive to serve our customers’ needs while advancing an understanding and appreciation for Greek olive oil and related products.




Enjoy the story behind our company, our people, and our high quality Greek extra virgin olive oil and olive oil products. Learn the origins, the processes, and the myriad of benefits from all of our products.




Become acquainted with the dedicated people behind Little Angel. Each of them has a story they want to share with you and, like our customers, they are essential to the success of our company every single day.



It is our hope that you will join the Little Angel family in our passion for Greek olive oil, Mediterranean culture and cuisine, and enjoy helping us in helping others.