Olive Wood for Your Kitchen

Little Angel Handcrafted Olive Wood For Your Kitchen!

All Little Angel olive wood for your kitchen is handcrafted using traditional methods at our factory on Paros Island in the Aegean Sea. These beautiful – and functional – works of art are intended to make special gifts for very special people. In Greece, these are considered a very important sign of friendship. The rich brown color and intricate wood grain patterns make olive wood one of the most attractive woods you can have around the kitchen.  More important, the density of this wood creates an amazing durability and makes it the perfect choice for utensils that you use over and over again. Using an olive wood serving or cutting board, for example, always makes for a great presentation. Our large wooden cutting board is both beautiful and functional and is one of the best cutting boards money can buy. Or, an olive wood mortar and pestle will serve you and your kitchen well for many years to come! The smoothness of the wooden pestle makes using it a breeze.  All of our olive wood kitchen products are handcrafted and 100% a product of Greece. If you love the look of olive wood for your kitchen, Little Angel has some great olive wood for your kitchen that make the most of this rich wood. 

So… Enjoy!

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Little Angel Olive Wood For Your Kitchen