Olive Oil Around the House

Olive oil has some amazing uses around the house!

A world without olive oil would be a sad world indeed. For centuries, this miracle oil has been revered for its magnificent aromas and flavors, but it is so much more than a part of a healthy diet or beauty regimen. Olive oil has a myriad of practical uses around the house!

Let’s explore some practical ways for using olive oil around your house (when you are not eating it):

To clean up paint. When your hands are covered in tree sap or any other sticky substance that’s hard to remove for that matter (including stickers, chewing gum, and labels), scrub them with some olive oil mixed with a little salt or sugar. The substance will come right off and your skin will be soft and exfoliated. This works especially great for cleaning up after painting – especially if you got some paint in your hair.

To lubricate a squeaky hinge. WD-40 doesn’t hold a monopoly on fixing squeaky door hinges because olive oil works just as well. Put a little on with a cotton ball or use a spray bottle to lubricate the hinge and eliminate that annoying creak. All natural, too!

To shine stainless steel. Simple olive oil by itself will buff stainless steel and brass surfaces to a brilliant shine. Just wipe off any debris and allow the surfaces to dry completely, then pour a little oil onto a clean, soft cloth. Buff in circular motions with firm pressure and wipe off any excess. It makes a great homemade stainless steel cleaner!

To fuel a lamp. A blizzard just hit or a strong thunderstorm just passed and the power is out! It is now that you realize you’re out of batteries and candles. Don’t just sit around in the dark Grab that bottle of olive oil – because by now you should know that it’s an absolute essential in your life – and use it to fuel a lamp. You can purchase specially made olive oil lamps, or simply pour it into a glass jar, poke a hole into the jar lid and insert an oil lamp wick. Let there be light!

Free a stuck zipper. That stuck zipper in your jacket or jeans may get some help by dabbing a little olive oil on it with a cotton swab. The oil will help get the zipper teeth back on track.

The best use for Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in your favorite dish so you can enjoy the flavor. But, if you need to get something done right away, there are a lot more uses for olive oil around the house.