Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives

We hope you enjoy our healthy and flavorful Kalamata Olives!

Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives

Many believe the magnificent flavor of Kalamata olives is superlative to other varieties – and we couldn’t agree more! Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives are celebrated for their sweetness, their rich flavor, and their beautiful appearance. Anyone who knows olives, knows the Kalamata olives are the real black olives – not the canned black olives you can buy at the grocery. Our olives are grown, picked, and packaged in the famed Kalamata region of Greece in the valley of Messinia on the western end of the Peloponnesean Peninsula. The “black ripe olive” in the can is to the flavorful hand-picked Kalamata olive as grocery bread is to an Italian or French bread loaf fresh from the bakery! Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives are hand-picked at the peak of freshness and processed using the highest standards. The care and attention put into getting our olives to your table is evident in the firm, even texture of the olive fruit, and in its wonderfully rich and zesty flavor. Our olives come whole because part of the robust flavor of the olive is lost during the mechanical pitting process. You can use Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives to add a natural and excellent source of nutrition and flavor to your diet. We think they are a perfect snack alone, or added to cheese and vegetable plates. We eat them by themselves in a simple marinade of Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh lemons, and some wine vinegar. They’re also fantastic in a Kalamata olive dip or tapenade.

So… Enjoy!

Include Little Angel Premium Kalamata Olives in your healthy Mediterranean diet.