Little Angel Olive Wood Products


We hope you enjoy our Little Angel Greek olive wood for your kitchen! We hope you enjoy our Little Angel Greek olive wood for your table! We hope you enjoy our Little Angel Greek olive wood for your guests!
Little Angel Handcrafted Olive Wood Products!
All Little Angel olive wood products are handcrafted using traditional methods at our factory on Paros Island in the Aegean Sea. These beautiful – and functional – works of art are intended to make special gifts for very special people. Olive wood products, one of the chief products of Greece,  are made from a beautiful wood with grains of colors ranging from cream through pink to black. Its unique and warm grains and tones distinguish it from all other woods. Olive wood displays deep brown streaks that contrast beautifully with its lighter golden veins. It has a slightly sweet smell that is particularly noticeable and will generally last for many years. Olive wood takes very well to polishing and a fine luster can be achieved with frequent coats of olive oil. Olive trees are cut down only when they can not be harvested any longer. Most olive wood carvings come from the trimmings, an essential process to further the healthy proper growth of the trees. Olive wood gifts are considered special offerings of friendship by the Greek community and olive wood makes some of the best kitchen products you will find anywhere.

It was a branch of olive tree that was given as first prize to the winners of the Olympic Games, symbolizing wisdom, will and virtue. Attached to the history and religion of Greece for more than 3000 years, the olive tree is part of the mythos of Greece, the legendary land. All Little Angel olive wood products are hand crafted from Greek olive wood and will serve you for years to come, as olive tree wood is renowned for its durability, an inherent trait due to the wood’s high density of 92%!

So… Enjoy all of our Little Angel olive wood products for your kitchen, your table, and your special guests!

Enjoy all of our beautiful handcrafted olive wood products from Greece!