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Is That Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Your Cocktail?

Why not enjoy an extra virgin olive oil cocktail using Little AngelThere’s a new olive oil cocktail sheriff in town, partner.

If you haven’t already, you’re about to notice extra virgin olive oil setting around your favorite watering hole. The healthful and flavorful kitchen oil has been used for sautéing, frying, drizzling, baking, dipping and more, so why not in your favorite cocktail? Voila! The olive oil cocktail!

A flavorful extra virgin olive oil like Little Angel blends easily with vodka and gin-based drinks to add a unique, luscious, fruity twist. To take it even further, try mixing infused oils with spirits and take a simple beverage to a new level. The myriad of extra virgin olive oil uses now extends to the bar!

Man cannot survive on martinis alone, however, and an olive oil cocktail can compliment foods beautifully. Think basil and lemon paired with a white pizza, or rosemary and salt to accompany a classic recipe like Duck à l’Orange.

Though you can easily experiment at home with your olive oil concoctions, restaurants and mixology emporiums throughout the country have caught on to the olive oil cocktail craze.

Mediterranean favorite Fig & Olive in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, boasts its namesake drink created by combining cucumber infused vodka, blood orange olive oil, egg white, simple syrup, celery, lime juice, and blood orange puree. Sounds good enough to eat.

At Marvel Bar in Minneapolis, bartenders mix the savory “Oliveto,” made from olive oil, raw egg white, lemon, Licor 43 and Gordon’s. Notice how both drinks contain egg whites, which act as an emulsifier with water and oil.

Other ingredients that mix well with EVOO are fruits, sugar, and flavored bitters.

Up to the task at home? You’ll need a little muscle to get the completed drink to your glass–– a hearty shake is necessary to blend the cocktail well and bring it to a foamy consistency. To finish, pour the Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil potion into your favorite bar ware of choice and sip away. The great ways to use olive oil simply never end. Besides, now you can honestly tell your friends and family that you drink olive oil daily!

So, enjoy…

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