Fundraising Selling Techniques

Here are some great fundraising selling techniques from Little Angel.

Get Everyone Selling the Products

One of the most effective fundraising selling techniques is to get everyone involved at your campaign kickoff event. So, be sure everyone has access to the Little Angel sample kits and marketing resources. Remember, the half the cost of your sample kits is fully credited against your final order so make sure you get enough to spread around. Not everyone will want a sample kit (or need one) so the sample kits can be used for those volunteers that want to use a door-to-door approach and can be turned back in so someone else can use it. Regardless, make sure everyone has your customized product brochure and order form so they can sell to anyone they meet or call. And, don’t forget to review all of our other fundraising tips and ideas.

Get Everyone Involved in the Campaign

Make your fundraising “funraising” by getting everyone involved with the campaign. Make sure your organization’s leaders show their support to the volunteers. The more people you have involved, the more excitement you can generate.

Always be Visible at Meetings and Events

Take advantage of the time before and after weekend services or mass. Find a location where many of your congregation or organization’s members will walk by. Put up your Little Angel fundraising posters, put a sample kit in a table display be ready to talk about the campaign and take orders. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll sell when you make things convenient and easy.

Everybody Has Email (Almost)

Remind your volunteers to use their email as one of their primary fundraising selling techniques to get the word out about the fundraiser to people they don’t see on a regular basis. Design a custom email; template or signature to give to all your volunteers to make it easy for them and to create a uniform and professional look and feel to your message.

Don’t Forget Your Website

Putting a page on your existing website or in your e-newsletters to reach everyone on your mailing list with little effort! Keep this information fresh to keep the excitement level high. Try adding a progress thermometer on your home page so everyone can see the progress right away.

Talk to Local Businesses About the Campaign

Ask local retailers, hair salons, auto repair shops or restaurants if they will help with your organization’s fundraiser. Set up a display using a Little Angel sample kit. Local retailers are always looking for ways to help with local fundraising efforts.

Have a Little Angel Tasting Event

A great way to sell our product is to take one or two sample kits and host a tasting event. Let your supporters taste the product with some fresh bread or drizzled on some of our Premium Kalamata olives. Try making a Greek salad with Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some Little Angel olives. Once they taste the product, they’ll be ready to buy!

Use All the Social Media Outlets

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, you name it. Everyone you know is on at least one of these and probably more than one. Setup a Facebook page for your fundraiser. Your group members can update their personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts with information about the products, the campaign, and the products. We’ll even promote your campaign in Little Angel social media. This is an easy way to get the word out to out-of-town friends and relatives.

Use all your resources and your fundraising will become “funraising”. There are lots more fundraising selling techniques and fundraising tips and tricks on the Internet.