Fundraising Motivation Ideas

Here are some great fundraising motivation ideas from Little Angel.No matter what your cause, you need some fundraising motivation ideas to get everyone onboard. The simple truth is that success in a fundraiser is built upon getting as many volunteers as possible to actively engage in reaching the stated goals. It’s really difficult to raise measurable amounts of money through a typical fundraising event by just relying on your regular staff and a few emails here and there.  You just can’t go it alone. You need lots of volunteers to do lots and lots of things. The important point is that fundraising can be “funraising” with just some basic fundraising motivation ideas. Here a few of our favorite fundraising tips and ideas for work motivation we’ve found to get that fire lit and generate excitement:

Don’t Try to Do It By Yourself

Don't try to manage your fundraiser b y yourself.You need a committee to put this all together. Fundraisers call this a host committee. Host committees are an important element because they bring together the collective skills and networks of the committee members.  While your organization will certainly be reaching out to its supporters, your individual host committee members will be reaching out to their own networks at the same time – contacting their friends, family, vendors, clients, colleagues, and business associates to invite people to the event, help find sponsors, locate necessary resources, all with an eye toward increasing the revenue from your fundraiser and all through connections that your organization would not have been able to make otherwise. Holding regular host committee meetings will provide accountability and motivation for the group members.  Try to schedule regular meetings while planning the fundraiser and definitely during the campaign.  At these meetings, you can provide social time along with updates on the event, recognition of significant member accomplishments, reports from sub-committees, pep talks, the works! This is an essential element whether you are a school group, a Greek festival, a Christian fundraiser, or a non-profit organization! First, get organized.

Make Sure Everyone Shares the VisionGet everyone on board so they can share the vision.

Whether it’s for a Christian fundraiser or a school group, an important element to motivating your volunteers is that they clearly understand the vision and the goals for the fundraiser and that means you need some great fundraising motivation ideas. Hold an event for them just to get everyone together, share some fellowship and refreshments and share the vision. Explain exactly where the money is going and why your group needs these resources. If they see the benefits that the effort will bring, they will become a great resource for creative fundraising tips and ideas and they’ll be ready and able to share in the effort necessary to achieve those benefits.

Hold a fundraising event to engage with the community and your supporters.Hold a “Non-Ask” Event

Your host committee members, along with your volunteers, will likely be approaching contacts and acquaintances that may not be familiar with your organization. So, help them get acquainted! Hold a “non-ask” event as an open house at your facility that provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about your mission, meet your group members and volunteers and perhaps hear from someone you have helped, if appropriate.  Put out some refreshments and host a Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting and product showing. We have a partner that held a tasting and showing at one of their Christian school fundraising events and they sold over 50% of their goal at just one event! Try to limit the event to 60 to 90 minutes in length and ask and your host committee members and volunteers to invite whoever they want. Think about other fundraising tips and ideas that might turn into a promotional event for your fundraiser.

Use Everyone’s Unique TalentsUse everyone's unique talents to make your fundraiser a success.

Some people like to talk on the telephone but don’t find selling things comfortable. No problem! Just encourage them to slip in something about your fundraiser into every new conversation they have. This will spread the word without selling. Others in your group may be good at getting posters up or flyers spread around at places where people might find your fundraiser interesting. Still others are big on email. So, have them work on making email contact with potential supporters. And don’t forget that some people are just plain natural-born salespeople. Let them take your products face-to-face to potential supporters. The important point is that if you use the strengths of your volunteers, they’ll do a great job, probably come up with some of their own fundraising tips and tricks, and definitely have fun, too!

If you are going to manage it, then you have to measure it.Track Your Results

There is an old saying in business – “If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.” The corollary to this is – “If you aren’t measuring it, you aren’t managing it.” This conveys the importance of tracking the results of all of your volunteers and committee members so you can offer additional support and resources to those who need it, recognize those who are excelling in effort and/or performance, and know who rely on for future campaigns.

Tracking performance is not rocket science and it just means keeping track of sales, contacts, and hours invested. It also means using a soft touch with your volunteers when talking to them about ways to improve. You don’t want to call people out or embarrass them. Giving your group members the support and feedback they need will help them help their group reach the goals. Try setting small, achievable goals as milestones throughout the campaign. This will motivate everyone because they will see the progress as it happens. It won’t be long before you will think of many more fundraising motivation ideas for staff and volunteers.

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