Fundraising Tips and Ideas

Get some great fundraising tips and ideas from Little Angel You love to support good causes and you have donated to many fundraisers in the past, you’ve volunteered to make phone calls or send out flyers, or maybe you even helped organize a past product fundraiser event. But now, you are the Chairperson for the big fundraiser for your organization and there is a lot more responsibility than ever before!. People are counting on you to make the right decisions about your fundraising strategy so that the campaign will be a success.

Everyone is counting on you to bring them a successful fundraising plan. There’s great news, however. You have Little Angel as your fundraising partner! We offer some fantastic products that are healthy and useful, some of the best profit margins you’ll find anywhere and we promise to be there with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

Let’s get started looking at some proven fundraising tips and ideas that will help ensure that your fundraising success:

Set Your Fundraising Profit Goal

The best fundraising goal is written in a way that sums it all up in in one sentence and explains clearly the difference the funds will make. Speak with your group about what you want to get out of your nonprofit fundraiser and set a reachable and realistic goal. Are the funds for your group’s activities, new building improvements, or donating to your organization’s favorite cause? Help your supporters see exactly what your nonprofit fundraiser will do by creating a specific goal statement.

For example, here is a vague and not-so-good goal statement:

   “We want to raise money to help needy children.”

This way might be better:

  “We will raise $1,000 using a product fundraiser to help pay for the new playground equipment at our youth center by June 30th.”

The second statement is a much clearer fundraising goal because it identifies the specific need, the exact dollar amount, the recipient and the goal deadline.

Understand How a Product Fundraiser Works

Product fundraisers can provide significant profit in as little as 3 weeks, with a small number of volunteers. Selling products for a nonprofit fundraiser is often much easier and quicker than either a direct appeal or event approach. When you partner with Little Angel, you have the advantage of offering a variety of products to sell for fundraising that people actually want to purchase and you’ll often be able to reach people in your entire community as a result. You can certainly combine your product fundraiser with one or more events. Greek Festivals are a perfect example. Whatever your needs, we think you’ll find having Little Angel products to sell to be a big hit with both your supporters and your volunteers! And, you’ll have all the resources and help you need from us every step of the way.

Create a Sound Fundraising Plan

It’s not as difficult as you might think. We have created a basic fundraising plan we believe can be easily tailored to your specific situation and will help ensure your fundraiser gets off to a great start.

Check out the sample fundraising plan...

Little Angel will be your partner and provide you with everything you’ll need to make managing your fundraising campaign as easy and as successful as possible. You’ll receive tons of free marketing resources, order forms, product brochures, a strategic fundraising plan template, and more!

Motivate Your Volunteers

You need to get as many of your fundraising volunteers motivated and excited as possible about your campaign and your goals. Here are some ideas from us to improve volunteer participation and motivation in your fundraisers.

Check out these great motivation ideas...

Choose the Best Sales Approach

Selling is a skill and an art and because of this it has its right ways and wrong ways. The important point is that everyone can do it with a little knowledge and motivation. We have assembled some proven sales strategies that have served top fundraising groups well toward achieving their goals. They work and they can be great fun!

Check out these proven sales techniques...

Use Great Promotional Resources

To have a successful fundraiser, you need to let as many people as possible know about it. This doesn’t have to be expensive if you have the right plan and great promotional resources. It’s really all about clear and frequent communication with your supporters. Little Angel makes sure you have all the marketing tools and resources you need to get the word out. We will even personalize them with your logo!

The Bottom Line

So, it all comes down to having a clear goal, having a great fundraising plan, having some fundraising tips and tricks and having a great partner. That’s where Little Angel comes in. We want to make your church fundraiser, Greek festival, youth group, or non-profit product fundraiser as success as much as you do. We’ll work hard to see it through. Give us a try and we promise not to let you down. We want to be your product fundraising partner!

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