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Why does olive oil change color over time?

Our fresh oil

When Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® comes out of the press it is a brilliant emerald green color. The rich chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments from the Koroneiki olives we use creates the color. During production and bottling, Little Angel is kept in nitrogen-filled tanks called INOX tanks to avoid any exposure to air (see more about how we process here).

Once the bottle is opened, all olive oil undergoes many changes. Oxidation from the air in the bottle, auto-oxidation and exposure to heat and light drive and accelerate these changes. Olive oil usually lightens in color as pigments are used up by oxidation. As the oil in the bottle ages it will lighten in color and the flavor can continue to mellow. Little Angel is packaged to minimize these effects and if you store it properly, it will maintain its health-giving properties and flavors for 18 months to 2 years!