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Some fun facts about olive oil!

EVOO is a real word. It was added to the dictionary in 2007.

It takes about 10+ pounds of olives to make one quart of olive oil.

One liter of olive oil is produced from the pressing of seven liters of olives.

On average, the world consumes approximately 2.25 million tons of olive oil each year.

The annual consumption of olive oil in the United States increased from 30 million gallons to nearly 70 million gallons a year in the last two decades.

Greece has by far the largest per capita consumption of olive oil worldwide, over 6 gallons per person per year!

During the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the old tradition of crowning Olympians with olive sprays was brought back to life. Over 2,550 olive branches were utilized to revive this tradition.

An olive tree can live hundreds, even thousands, of years.  The older an olive tree is, the broader and more gnarled its trunk appears. Kinda like us.

If you take a look at your local market, you’ll see olives in a rainbow of colors, from green to brown to purple to black, with flavors just as diverse. But all olives actually start out the same color: green.

It takes an average of 3-5 yrs for an olive tree to bear fruit. A function of cultivar, ‘Arbequina’ and ‘Koroneiki’ fruit at an early age (about 3 yrs). Other cultivars do not make fruit until they are 5-12 yrs old.

Baked goods will actually last longer when you substitute olive oil for butter. It is the vitamin E and polyphenols that causes this longer shelf life.

The flags of seven nations, four U.S. states, and the United Nations themselves all feature an olive branch.