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Is frying with Little Angel olive oil high in fat?

All foods can be divided into protein, carbohydrate or fat. All oils are considered fats and they all have the same amount of calories. It doesn’t matter whether it is peanut oil, flax-seed oil, canola or olive oil. They all have about 120 calories per tablespoon. The biggest problem comes from frying food instead of grilling, sautéing or steaming it. Try lightly sautéing or steaming meats or vegetables and then drizzling on the right amount of Little Angel olive oil at the table. Feel free to use it in your grilling and sautéing, just control the temperature so the oil doesn’t burn. Nothing bad will happen. It’s just that nothing good will happen, either. When the oil burns, all the great health-giving polyphenols and antioxidants begin to break down. That’s why you don’t see much frying in the Mediterranean diet.

If you are going to fry your foods, olive oil is actually one of the best oils to use. As with all oils, the smoke point depends on the age and quality, but 410 degrees F is the official figure. “The Joy of Cooking” by Irma Rombauer recommends frying at 365 degrees F for best results.

We have a page on the Little Angel website devoted to learning about cooking with Little Angel olive oil.

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