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Can I eat too much Little Angel olive oil?

We would sure like to think that the answer to this one is no!  The fact is that any olive oil, including Little Angel, is not a treatment that will offset poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Drenching a dinner of hamburgers and fries in olive oil would likely not be recommended by most nutritionists or doctors.

In most Mediterranean diets, fats constitute up to 30-40 percent of calories. So, if you are a small women consuming 2200 calories a day and 30% of your consumption was fat, you would get about 660 calories from fat. If all of the fat in your diet was from Little Angel olive oil (none of the foods contained fat to begin with) then you would be adding about 5 tablespoons of Little Angel olive oil each day.

In other words, you can eat too much of anything. The good news is Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy choice for you – even if you eat a little too much.