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Why does Little Angel olive oil taste bitter?

If you really want to taste bitter, just taste a fresh olive picked right off a tree! Olives are bitter – and so is good olive oil. Bitterness, along with pungency and vegetal/fruit flavors are considered positive attributes in extra virgin olive oils, particularly when they are well balanced. It’s the good stuff – the polyphenols that make the olive bitter. When the oil is separated from the paste, the bitter substances are left behind in the fruit water and pulp

Extra virgin olive oils contain the flavors of the olive fruit (as we said above, tasting a raw olive is one of those experiences you would likely hope to never to repeat). Professional tasters often classify extra virgin olive oils as ‘one-cough, two-cough or three-cough’ oils. The good news is that oils like this make for amazing and flavorful condiments and ingredients. The strong flavors in Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® are evidence of a healthy amount of antioxidants and other healthy things. When an oil does not have these strong flavors, it is almost devoid of any antioxidants. These strong flavors are very good for your health and so is Little Angel!