Cooking With Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil is a great choice for a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Cooking With Olive Oil

It’s a common myth that you shouldn’t use olive oil for cooking. In fact, high quality olive oil like Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a relatively high smoke point and, as such, cooking with olive oil is a great choice for all sorts of cooking. Not all oils are created equal and understanding your olive oil is an important element to the success of your recipe. The most important thing is that the flavor and aroma of the oil you are using is one that you enjoy! The flavor will serve to complement the rest of the ingredients and, in fact, should be considered an ingredient itself. Used as such, Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® will serve to enhance all of your favorite dishes and recipes. You can learn more by looking at all our great Little Angel recipes using olive oil.

Here are some guidelines we use in our kitchen:

Substitute Little Angel EVOO for butter in all your cakes and baking recipes to create a moist texture and more depth to the flavors. Use about 3/4 cup of Little Angel for 1 cup of butter.

 Middle-Bar DIPPING

Dip your favorite bread in Little Angel EVOO for a quick, simple, and flavorful appetizer. Add your favorite herbs and spices or even some garlic and anchovies for a more robust taste.


A drizzle of Little Angel EVOO with just a pinch of sea salt will add the perfect finish to many of your favorite dishes from a fresh mozzarella and sliced tomato caprese to roasted meats or pasta.


Little Angel is great for frying. You won’t need a lot of it and its smoke point is higher than other oils. Try it with all your favorite fried dishes.


Add some flavoring like lemon juice or your favorite spices or infusions to Little Angel to give that extra kick and zest to your favorite dish or salad.


Try this flavorful and very forgiving method for cooking delicate foods such as fine fish filets. Just place your ingredients in a shallow bath of Little Angel and heat until thoroughly cooked.


Pair Little Angel EVOO with other ingredients in your dish to create a robust sauce. Drizzle the sauce over the dish just before serving and listen for the compliments!


Pair Little Angel with your favorite vegetables, whether they form the base for your soup, or you just want them to shine on their own. Add just a pinch of sea salt.

Middle-Bar SEARING

Brown your favorite meat or fish in Little Angel EVOO for added flavor – just be careful not to overheat the dish. Little Angel will stand up well to searing or longer, lower heat cooking.


Little Angel Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil® will take center stage when simply drizzled over your favorite dishes or salads. Regardless of the ingredients in your dish, cooking with olive oil will add that special something!